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Bad News

2010-11-12 17:24:32 by Zirch45

I.... I don't know how to say this, but I won't be making the Godson. For all who wanted to see it, if you TRULY TRULY TRULY wanted to see it, send me a message about it and I'll make it. I had the voices all done, but I just don't feel up to it anymore. Maybe later in the future when I'm better at flash. I am not too good at this and feel I need to just practice at it and make short films from now on. If you look at my DeviantART page (which is also Zirhc45), I have a preview for Punch Out 2, but that's on the horizon for now. I'm sorry for those who wanted to see it, but I just don't have the patience with it right now.


2010-09-26 20:17:41 by Zirch45

New movie! Another one made in about a day or two. Anyways, bad news about The Godson. I haven't been able to really work on it because of school and all that, so maybe it will come out in November or late October keep tuning in for more news on its progress

Feature Film in the works

2010-08-28 21:11:59 by Zirch45

I'm making a movie for NewGrounds that's a parody of the Godfather. I haven't started the script yet, but I have some of the ideas in my head. The scenes from my trailer will still be in it, but I just have to tie them all together. Keep looking for updates.

Zelda II

2010-08-21 14:24:22 by Zirch45

NEW FLASH!!!! Ending is missing and don't know how to get it back. But be sure to check it out!!!


2010-07-29 09:30:03 by Zirch45

First flash released!!! Punch-out used with the original world circuit characters
Glass Joe
Von Kaiser
Piston Honda

The music stops at the end with the newspaper scene, but it wasn't originally like that but keep watching for a secret ending

Flash in the works

2010-07-20 21:52:57 by Zirch45

I'm working on a movie that I'm pretty sure will be uploaded stay tuned

Oh yeah.... I lied.....

2010-06-13 21:38:30 by Zirch45

I DID upload something, but not to newgrounds.... its on YouTube!!!!
It's just something me and my friend had to do for english on Tom Sawyer.
I'm not giving you the link right now because I'm too lazy also its uploading as I type.
Just type in: "tom sawyer english project horrible bad camera this is bad"
(The camera sucks, I know...)

Happy New Year!

2010-01-01 10:43:17 by Zirch45

Well, it's finally 2010! I'm gonna try to post up some flash but it just won't get uploaded for some reason? :/
But I promise this year, I will have at least one flash submission on Newgrounds!!!!!! Even though like, NOBODY comes to my channel, nobody knows I exist except the creator of Zelda T Files.... *SIGH* :(


2009-11-06 16:55:56 by Zirch45

Sup y'all. This is Zirch. I'm new here and am a huge person that has been inspired (By Youtubes: Adamwestslapdog, Nevet1212, and JamesNintendNerd). I mad a ton of sprite comics and I'm also skilled with cartoons and manga.
Be sure to tun in here whenever to see if I post anything new.